3D Fluid Mechanics

Our products clean better while using less water because of the unique flow of fluids we're able to create within our nozzles. Called 3D Fluid Mechanics, this intricate design feature creates intense cones of high-pressure that blast water in precise streams out of each nozzle to minimize atomization and maximize washing power at greater distances. Developed over the last 25 years by our technical team in Germany, 3D-Fluid Mechanics help you get your hard job done right.

Stainless steel sewer products

'Tougher-than-nails' Materials

Corrosion resistant stainless-steel, hardened aluminum, and pure bronze. We build our nozzles and root cutters out of the toughest and longest lasting industrial materials. These high-quality metals are selected for their resistant to chemicals, acids, and alkalis, as well as mineral substances to fight the caustic nature of waste water. Our products are 'tougher-than-nails' so they'll keep on working job after job, saving you valuable time and money.

Tools built on generations of knowledge

advanced manufacturing techniques

State-of-the-Art 5 Axis CNC machines. These high-tech new machines are the backbone of our manufacturing process in Germany. Our knowledgeable and highly skilled team at USBDÜSEN manufactures each nozzles in-house, milling solid stainless steel to the highest tolerances to create the superior 3D Fluid Mechanics our products are renowned for. The results are durable and rugged sewer nozzles and equipment that generate maximum pressure and flow with clean and recycled water.