IFAT 2018

We work hard to seek out new trends, stay in front of changes to technology, and forge forward facing relationships. That's why we knew this year's IFAT wasn't a show to be missed. With IFAT just a short drive from our Germany team, USB-Duesen, it was the perfect excuse to spend a few weeks in Germany before the fair. In between wonderful meals and even better sights we brainstormed new products, worked on product enhancements from infield feedback, and importantly, went through training on nozzles and root cutters new and old.

When IFAT rolled around we were fully prepared, and the show didn't disappoint: 3,305 exhibitors from 58 countries and 142,472 visitors from 162 countries. The sheer number of people and environmental exhibitors was a sight to behold, and USB-Duesen put up a booth and meeting lounge that awed. Here are a few snaps we were able to grab of the show in between events. As always, If we didn't get a chance to see you, don't hesitate to call at 1-844-285-5770 and we'll come out and show you what our nozzles can do.